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What Salesforce Services are Offered by Cloud Pacific

Salesforce is a CRM platform that provides multiple features to help businesses perform better. Today, thousands of companies are using this powerful platform with great success. If you, too, are interested in using this platform, then you have two options. The first option is to learn Salesforce on your own so that you can implement it as you like. The other option is to outsource Salesforce development to let trained experts do the task.

Due to the popularity of Salesforce, today, many IT organizations are offering Salesforce services. Their quality varies depending on the expertise of the team that they have working for them. For this reason, it can be hard to find a trusted company to work with. Cloud Pacific is a trusted Salesforce services provider that has helped many businesses meet their goals and has built up an excellent reputation in the sector.

Cloud Pacific is a Salesforce Partner that focuses on providing valuable Salesforce services to the real estate, finance, and services industries to help them optimize their business processes and grow further. Located in Hawaii, they have many Salesforce experts who provide quality services to companies throughout the world.

Cloud Pacific Salesforce Services

Below are Cloud Pacific services to improve how your business operates on Salesforce.

Salesforce Implementation and Optimization

To get the most out of Salesforce, it is important to implement and optimize it efficiently for how your business functions. You need to know what your goals are, and what are the right Salesforce features that you should use to meet those goals.

At Cloud Pacific, our experts know all about Salesforce implementation. So, they will first ask you about your goals, then design a unique strategy to implement Salesforce effectively. After implementation, they will also assist you with Salesforce optimization. Every business has its own needs.

Cloud Pacific will analyze the performance of your current technology, find inefficiencies, and check security risks. After that, they will create a suitable plan to refine your business processes and optimize your Salesforce features according to your business needs.

Salesforce Managed Services

Salesforce is a beneficial tool, but it can become hard to manage, since there are so many features that it has available to use. This is especially true when you already have a lot on your plate. If your team is overburdened, then you can hire Cloud Pacific experts for Salesforce Managed Services. With this service, Cloud Pacific will help you with strategic planning, Salesforce development, integration updates, data management, and Salesforce optimization.

There are two Salesforce Managed Services plans. One is for businesses who need this service on an hourly basis, while the other plan is suitable for businesses who need near 24-hour support. Hiring Cloud Pacific instead of hiring a full-time worker for this service is a cost-efficient option for many businesses.

Salesforce Staff Augmentation

If you want to augment your organizations’ work capacity, then the Salesforce Staff Augmentation service can help. When your team is working on a large project with a short deadline, it can become difficult to meet business requirements if the workload is too great for the team. Under such situations, services like Salesforce Staff Augmentation come in very handy. You can hire Salesforce experts to work with your business directly for a period of time.

Cloud Pacific provides this valuable service to help businesses maintain their productivity level. Cloud Pacific provides two plans. The plan named ‘Salesforce Administrator’ is for organizations that need only one Salesforce expert for their business. The time duration of this plan or agreement is typically 6 to 12 months. However, it can be changed based on the client’s needs.

The other Salesforce Staff Augmentation plan that Cloud Pacific provides is called ‘Salesforce Team.’ As the name indicates, this service is for companies that need the support of a complete Salesforce team. The time duration of this service usually varies from 3 to 12 months. But like the other plan, its duration is flexible.

Salesforce Training

As we have already highlighted how important Salesforce has become, it can be beneficial to learn about its features to expand your skill level, get high-paying Salesforce jobs, or even implement it in your business on your own.

Cloud Pacific has a team of trained Salesforce experts who enjoy teaching Salesforce related skills to clients. There are four different Salesforce courses. You can get yourself enrolled in any of them, depending on your skill level and what you want to learn. All the Salesforce courses offered by Cloud Pacific are enlisted below.

Salesforce Implementation Strategy

In this Salesforce training course, you will be taught how to implement Salesforce in a business, whilst learning about all the possible implementation strategies. It is created for IT executives and directors. It is a short course of only 1 day and has no prerequisites.

Apex for Salesforce Admins

This is a specifically designed course for Salesforce Admins. In this course, Salesforce Admins will be taught about Salesforce related programming languages and best practices. You will get a chance to use popular development tools to improve your skills further. The duration of this course varies from 3 to 4 days.

Pardot Administrator Training

Pardot is a helpful tool that makes marketing easier. So, this course brings you up to speed on how best to use Pardot. You will learn different Pardot features, their benefits, and their uses. This course is suitable for marketing professionals who want to design winning marketing strategies through Pardot. The duration of this course varies from 1 to 5 days.

Lightning Web Components (LWC)

Lightning Web Components course is built for Apex developers who want to expand upon their programming skills by learning front-end programming. In this course, you will learn the purpose of different Lightning Web Component features and how to create business applications using them. The time duration of this course varies from 4 to 5 days. The Salesforce Certified Administrator, Salesforce Certified App Builder, and Salesforce Certified Platform Developer 1 certifications are prerequisites for this course.

Why Choose Us...

Cloud Pacific has a team of trained and trusted professionals who have helped many businesses expand their reach, earn more revenue, and evolve according to the changing demands of their customers. You should consider Cloud Pacific if you are looking for a cost-efficient and trustworthy Salesforce services provider. For more information, reach out to us, and we will arrange a free consultation.

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