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Salesforce Managed Services in Hawaii - Why Use Cloud Pacific...

Salesforce managed services are designed to help businesses who lack the skills required to manage Salesforce features effectively. Salesforce managed service providers’ address different issues and rectify these issues before they affect business processes. This makes the Salesforce setup run more smoothly.

With this in mind, here are reasons why you should use Cloud Pacific for Salesforce managed services in Hawaii...

Save Money

You do not have to invest your time and money in hiring a full-time employee for Salesforce tasks, when you can outsource the same tasks to the experts who provide these services at a reasonable cost. It will help you save money on recruitment, as well as job advertising costs, insurance and other taxes as well. You will be able to use the saved money for other business operations.

Hire More Diverse Talent

If you have a team of full-time workers, then you may not get as many innovative and new ideas as your business demands. However, by hiring a Salesforce managed service provider, you can let new ideas from an entire team of Salesforce professionals help improve your business processes. You can tap diverse talents based on your needs and fill in the skill gap if there is one.

Round the Clock Availability

Another amazing benefit of hiring a Salesforce managed services provider is that they will manage your Salesforce 24/7 (based on the plan you choose). They will assist you and protect your business even when your full-time workers are finished for the day or are on vacation.

Hire Temporarily

You can hire a Salesforce managed service provider only when you need their assistance. There is no need to keep a full-time employee when you do not need their assistance every day.

Increase Productivity

You can save time by allowing the Salesforce experts at Cloud Pacific to manage your Salesforce operations. Often, the experts can do tasks that would take you many hours quickly, thus save you time and money, resulting in increased productivity. They have the experience and know which strategies are suitable for different conditions. This will allow your team to focus on other important tasks if you outsource your Salesforce managed services.

Cloud Pacific Salesforce Managed Services in Hawaii

Cloud Pacific is a Salesforce consulting company located in Hawaii. We help organizations manage client Salesforce orgs according to changing customer and business demands. We offer two Salesforce managed service plans (Salesforce Support Plan and Salesforce Off-Hour Support Plan) that can be customized based on your needs.

The Salesforce Support plan is designed to support you while you work. You can request a particular Salesforce task to be completed, like new features and bug resolutions, and Cloud Pacific will then use their expertise to resolve the issue and finish the requested task. This plan offers Salesforce development, data management, optimization, automation, integration updates, strategic planning, ongoing enhancement services, and much more.

The Salesforce Off-Hour Support plan provides assistance outside your regular business hours. It provides services that are already mentioned in the Salesforce Support plan. However, in this plan, these services are offered during late night hours, and on holidays when your team is not available to perform day-to-day Salesforce management tasks or quickly respond to a Salesforce outage.

If you would like to discuss your Salesforce needs, please just get in touch with us, and we can advise you on which plan is right for you!

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