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5 Benefits of Salesforce Staff Augmentation

If your team is working on a big project and handling Salesforce-related tasks is becoming difficult, then you may be thinking about hiring more employees. However, with the Salesforce Staff Augmentation model, you can hire a Salesforce team or an expert on a per-project basis. This recruitment model is becoming increasingly popular for growing businesses, as it is more cost-effective, flexible, and efficient.

Below are just a few advantages of Salesforce staff augmentation…

Widen the Talent Pool

Through a permanent hiring process, you will not get a chance to work with the highly specialized talent available in the market. Staff augmentation allows you to hire different Salesforce experts for a short period of time, without the requirement of taking on a full-time employee, who often has less specialized knowledge. This means you will be able to enjoy the expertise of incredibly talented Salesforce professionals without the commitment of hiring a new employee and the legalities that this brings.

Reduce Business Cost

One of the most significant benefits of using a Salesforce staff augmentation service is that you save money. You do not have to spend money on recruiting, taxes, social security, and employee benefits. Also, it will reduce your training course expenditure to bring new employees up to speed on how to use Salesforce.

More Focused Workforce

When you hire a consultant for your Salesforce services, you assign them a specific task which they must complete in a particular time duration. Therefore, they focus only on one task, and their concentration does not get diverted to other areas. They work on a specific project with the goal of meeting the client’s expectations.

Better Operational Efficiency

Salesforce staff augmentation service allows businesses to hire remote consultants. It reduces their infrastructural costs, as well as their operational costs. You can use this saved money for more important business processes.

More Flexibility

Salesforce staff augmentation provides more flexibility to businesses. When your team has an impending deadline with a lot of work still to do, you can let the experts from the staff augmentation service provide a helping hand. It enables you to respond to the changes happening in the business quickly, allowing you to meet deadlines, which ultimately improves business performance.

How Cloud Pacific can help with Staff Augmentation

We are a Salesforce consulting company that was founded in Hawaii. Our company provides numerous Salesforce-related services, including Salesforce staff augmentation. We can provide staff augmentation in the form of Salesforce administrators, as well as Salesforce teams, which can be tasked to help our clients at a moment's notice.

Companies that need only one member in their Salesforce team choose the Salesforce administrator option. These engagements usually have a time duration of between six to twelve months. This duration can be increased or reduced based on the client’s demands.

Similarly, Cloud Pacific also offers a full Salesforce expert team to companies who are short of Salesforce working staff. The duration of their working period spans from three to twelve months. However, it can be modified depending on the project's needs.

If you are looking for a Salesforce staff augmentation service, then you should contact us here at Cloud Pacific. We have helped many businesses manage their Salesforce tasks which has allowed them to grow and flourish as a result.

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