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Cloud Pacific is a Hawaii-based Salesforce consulting firm and Salesforce Partner focused on the real estate, finance, and service industries offering a proprietary and aloha-oriented experience with development resources in Hawaii, serving all islands.

Cloud Pacific is guided by their mission, vision, and values. They guide the company in all that they do as a company and help them to grow and develop personally and professionally.




To empower Hawaii companies to scale and compete worldwide.


A world where Hawaii is an epicenter of technology and innovation.


Quality. We are what we build. We provide the highest quality product possible.
Reliability. We are always there for you. You can count on us to have your back and be on time.
Trust. We are what we say. We strive to build trust, every day.
Aloha. We are how we live. We will be a positive force for you and your team.


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